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  1. Arcom Repeater Controller manual

    This is the manual for running the windows programming software that is licensed with the purchase of the RC-210 controller. Its a one shot free download to the clubs designated laptop.
    Leo kf7oni

  2. DMR Features and HT Price Points

    A review of DMR features and advantages with a discussion of 3 different DMR HTs at the 100, 200 and 300 dollar price points.

  3. RC 210 Hardware manual for the Blacktail Repeater

    This is the hardware manual for the club's RC 210 radio repeater controller at Blacktail.

  4. SPECTRA - Frequencies for club radios

    Frequency List for the clubs Spectra VHF Radios.

  5. Syntor X9000 - Frequencies and Operation for club radios

    Frequency List and General operation instructions for the clubs 2 Syntor X9000 VHF Radios.

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